A few weeks ago, while visiting my mom, we were talking about crocheting things and she told me about how when she was young she used to wear hooded scarves. I thought that was the most amazing idea on the face of this here planet. But being as I suck at crochet, I thought why not fleece? Then while bored one night I ran across someone else who had made one out faux fur and such material. Genius! So, with the help of this tutorial. I was able to create some awesome fleece scoodies. I've made longer ones for me and I'm in the process of making shorter ones for the DH. P.s. in the pics I was pretending that it wasn't 88 degrees outside and that I wasn't wearing shorts and a tank top under my long wool coat.

And just because, I was farting around with my camera:



Haven't really been crafting much lately. I've been trying to get some of my UFOs finished, but with me starting a new job Monday I haven't been really feeling up to it by the time I make the half hour drive home. I should get a lot done this weekend though.


More Trencher quilt and Garment Bag

DH's quilt is almost complete. Since these pictures were taken, I've made the quilt into a quilt sandwhich and started the actual quilting process. Complete with Trencher Logo and I'm even thinking about putting in cables and hydraulic lines and perhaps if he's a really lucky man {or I'm not completely sick of this quilt} I'll even applique an exhaust system on it...

In the corners I was able to run the squares through my printer using freezer paper. It was way fun. A few of them got off center but I actually kinda like how it turned out...

Finally, I was making DH a garment bag for his many travels and this is what I came up with:

The Trencher Quilt

So my DH is a trencher operator working on Windmills. He goes through jeans like none other and stockpiles them for me when they have holes or are too stained. I've always wanted to do something for him with the jeans. Finally, I thought of a project.The Plan:2.5" x 2.5" squares and 6.5" x 6.5" squares later....

We have our very own Trencher quilt. This is not full size yet. I still have some borders and embroidery to finish on it but... I'm still dang proud...


Punkin Ranch and Gourds

Today, My MIL and I went to the extended fam's Pumkin farm. It was incredible and I don't know why I didn't think to snap pictures while I was there. Amazing place!!

Anywho, I got gourd birdhouses, gourds to paint, gourds for floral arrangements and a nice honkin' pumpkin for carving in a few weeks. So excited.

So tonight, out of boredom, since the DH is gone for a bit I decided to paint. I thus remember why I am not the hugest fan of painting. I, one, don't have much knack for it, and two, I hate cleaning it up!


Craft Bazaar

Holiday Shoppers can look for unique gifts such as Wood Crafts, Ornaments, Dolls, Candles, Quilts, Jewelry, Stationary, Wall hangings and more. Shopper’s can also enjoy refreshments from the Center’s kitchen including hot dogs, chilidogs, frito pie, pickles, and popcorn as well as hot cocoa and soft drinks, at very affordable prices.
Saturday, 12/1 10 am-5 pm
To reserve a booth, call: 767-2704

I'll be there!! Will you?


I'm really into making coasters as well! I like to use my dad's vinyl cutting plotter while I'm visiting them and coasters are just way fun. Today I decided to get a bit creative with them and use multiple colors. This proved to actually work out pretty well, other than I need to let some of the paint set up a bit more before taking of the masking tape.

I made a texas flag longhorn! I'm thinking of selling these on ebay if things don't work out for finding a craft show around Lbk.


future projects

this is just going to be a list of things I need to work on. Future projects and such, in no particular order:

  • Christmas Table Runner
  • Full Circle Christmas Tree Skirt
  • Mom's Half Circle Christmas Tree Skirt
  • Ornaments
  • Thanksgiving/Fall Table Runner
  • Finish Guest Room Duvet Cover/Quilt
  • Finish Husband's Trencher Quilt
  • Sew Some Skirts
  • Sew A Hoodie

I would also like to add that I'm thinking of and praying for those affected by 9/11. I know having a volunteer firefighter as a husband we are deeply moved by this date, though we do not know anyone personally that died... My thoughts are with you...


Photographing flowers

I was coming home from church with my mom when I saw some beautiful red blooms across the lawn. They are either Blood Lillies or Rain Lillies. I'm not sure which, perhaps someone else might know. Its been horribly humid here while I've been visiting - not that this is unusual weather or anything for Seguin, TX. But, that is when these little beauties bloom. I thought I might like to share these photographs.

first post in the new blog

Hi! Welcome to my crafting blog. I love to quilt (non traditional mainly), sew, photograph, scrap, paint, and lots of other stuff. I dabble in way too many things, but I guess that's what makes life fun, lol. I want to try wood burning and get better at my welding abilities. Obviously, I like to make stuff. These will be my documented craftiventures. I hope you enjoy what I create as much as I enjoy making it.

Credit for this Digi Plopper goes to Lisa Carter [digital scrapbook place] "ticket to my heart"