A few weeks ago, while visiting my mom, we were talking about crocheting things and she told me about how when she was young she used to wear hooded scarves. I thought that was the most amazing idea on the face of this here planet. But being as I suck at crochet, I thought why not fleece? Then while bored one night I ran across someone else who had made one out faux fur and such material. Genius! So, with the help of this tutorial. I was able to create some awesome fleece scoodies. I've made longer ones for me and I'm in the process of making shorter ones for the DH. P.s. in the pics I was pretending that it wasn't 88 degrees outside and that I wasn't wearing shorts and a tank top under my long wool coat.

And just because, I was farting around with my camera:

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Patrick said...

Thats cool I would rock one of those. I wear scarves and hooded sweat shirts and the scarf is to bulky when i have the hood on. And it looks retarded when i put the hood on first and then the scarf over the sweatshirt. And this invention makes it easier.