The Desk: Complete

The desk is finished - well aside from lining the drawers but that comes tomorrow!

But it's in the house, dry, the handles are on and I'm threw with lugging it through the house! YAY!



Detailed Shot of the new handles I picked out:

Overall I think the entire project cost me about 17.50 Price includes cost of the desk, stain and new handles. Sadly, those lovely handles cost about 10 bucks for both of them... way more than the actual desk! Crazy!


My Sewing Desk: Updated

I'm almost finished with my sewing desk. So close I can taste it! Quite literally, I've been smelling stain fumes all day today!

All that is left is to perhaps seal it - I need to re-read the can to see if it has seal in it, make new holes for the new drawer pulls and putty up the old holes. I'm really excited for it to be done and soon to be in my sewing room...

My next large project will be the guest bedroom set. Its in dire need of a refinishing.


Kimono Pillow

I am doing a second Christmas with my folks on Jan. 5th. I'm flying out friday and I'm still on the budget... My mom said my brother mentioned wanting a substantial pillow to lay on while watching TV. So I decided to take the same concept of his Kimono quilt and just make it into a pillow.

I'm really excited about how it turned out and I think if I had any sort of interest in Japanese arts or had any Japanese decor I would totally keep it for myself. I'm so excited to give it to him!
Head on View:
The Back Fabric is an Alexander Henry Fabric.

Christmas Messenger Bag

So sorry for the lack of updating. The holidays had me running around like crazy! Now, I'm back!

I'll first post about a project for my baby SIL. I was dead broke come christmas time and told the family that I would be sewing them gifts, because that's my only(good) God given talent. I had been scheming making her a messenger bag for her laptop because it goes everywhere she does... but wasn't sure... Then one morning about 2 weeks before Christmas she called me up and said she would love for me to make her a bag. She gave me the one I was suppose to recreate and off to the fabric store we went so she could pick out her fabrics.

I love how this turned out!

Happy New Year Everyone!!