The Filing Cabinet

So a while back I painted a filing cabinet a very nice glossy white. Well, I finally got the thing into the house and in my crafting room. I took off the old handles and put plain but fashionable handles on. Then, I was able to pry off the label holders and spray paint them with a nice new chrome finish. All in all I'm thrilled with my new filing cabinet!
So, of course this thing is suppose to help me get organized! I had gone to ikea and bought lots of jars not too long ago. I love Ikea and, well, I love jars too. Obviously some are empty because I'm still trying to figure out what to use them for.


More Backdated stuff

Notice the new layout folks! yay! So here is a little more back dated stuff so that we can move on to newer better things! This is the other dress I wore to the 2 weddings I went to last month. I also made the belt that went along with this dress. Sorry the pictures suck but it was night time and my camera doesn't like low light situations. I've got until Wednesday to do all the crafting my little heart desires. Saturday I'm planning on a Kentucky Derby day. I turned in my 2 week notice on Saturday. My boss just happened to walk in and I just spit it out! Hooray for permanent craftiness!


We have a bit of catching up to do!

So I haven't been around lately, I know! I promise I'll go back for the next several days and do a bit of back dating of entries!

I finished my mom's tree skirt! It was only suppose to be a half circle since she only has a half tree...
I don't have a picture of it completely done. I put a red binding all the way along the outside. My mom was very thrilled with it! I'm going to make myself one in a much larger scale for my ginormous tree!