I don't know for how long... but the laptop has been given to my husband and I have no way of uploading pictures until I can find our external card reader or the wire that goes to my camera...


The Hiding Box

I was cruising through stations and stopped at one of my faves: DIY Network! They have these great little tips that they show on commercial break. One was how to hide your phone chargers and stuff in a photo storage box! GREAT! I plug my laptop in near the couch and there is always a tangle of wires around. Especially now that I'm in the habit of backing up my pictures and stuff at least once a week on the external hard drive.

Here's what I did: I measured the length of the box: 11 inches. Then I figured I wanted the 3 holes to be 1" x 1" and cut out a stencil for that. Then I marked off on the bottom of the box where the 3 holes would be evenly spaced. Around 2.5 inches, 5 inches and 9 inches. That may not be perfect but I didn't figure anyone would see the holes. Then on one side only I cut them out with an exacto knife.

Add your junk ---

And Voila!


A little Can't Sleep Organization

So after the infamous Quitting of the Job I'm having trouble resetting my sleeping habit. I'd love to be a -To bed asleep at 10 to 10:30pm and wake up by 8am - kind of person, but unfortunately my job made me a - asleep by 2am and wake at 10am -person. I've spent the last few hours folding fabric. I've seen so many pictures of amazing fabric stashes and I've looked into buying those plastic fabric organizers. I finally spent about 15-20 minutes at Office Max today and decided 5"X8" index cards would work for me. I now have a great way of getting a uniform fold on all my fabric.

Orren Mixer Print

So, I guess, today, I was thinking a lot of Orren Mixer because while I was in town I remembered I still had a print I hadn't framed from my birthday last year. Hobby Lobby had half off of framing and next thing ya know I've got my print framed. Top Moon looks damn good in his new frame next to the mugshot of himself, lol. I'm half tempted to get small engraved name plaques for the bottoms of each frame. I can't get over how complete my room looks now. Since we've moved in I've left a giant blank spot on my wall for this portrait and now its up.... So Happy.


House Work

I am a bit picky with the look of the outside of my house. I've tried putting some plants outside in the small gardening spot I have with limited success. The soil is just lacking the nutrients needed to support the growth of my plants. Anyway, since the hubby and I live in a rent house we are pretty limited on what we can do. When we moved in a year ago our landlord promised to repaint the cracking trim on the outside of the house. Now the trim look awful and rotten. There is a small decorative fence in my front yard that has driven me crazy with cracking falling rotting paint. The roses by said fence are riddled with a wicked vine that I can't identify nor pull out of the ground! I've got it pulled away from the roses themselves and now it's time for a good dose of round up weed spray. They are just awful looking!

Since this photo was taken I've removed all the lattice work and started scraping the paint. Tomorrow I'll get some paint stripper and really work on it. :D


I was at my Aunt and Uncle's house last weekend and my Aunt gave me all of her candle making supplies! I was ecstatic about it! I love, love leather scented and moonlight path (bath and b.w.) scents. I actually have a wallflower from b.&b.w in the moonlight path scent and it makes my house smell so clean and fresh! Anywho, I finally got up the nerve to try my first candle the other night. With my aunt on the phone I heated the wax, added the leather scent and coloring, preheated the jar, layed the wick and voila. Candle Success!