The Hiding Box

I was cruising through stations and stopped at one of my faves: DIY Network! They have these great little tips that they show on commercial break. One was how to hide your phone chargers and stuff in a photo storage box! GREAT! I plug my laptop in near the couch and there is always a tangle of wires around. Especially now that I'm in the habit of backing up my pictures and stuff at least once a week on the external hard drive.

Here's what I did: I measured the length of the box: 11 inches. Then I figured I wanted the 3 holes to be 1" x 1" and cut out a stencil for that. Then I marked off on the bottom of the box where the 3 holes would be evenly spaced. Around 2.5 inches, 5 inches and 9 inches. That may not be perfect but I didn't figure anyone would see the holes. Then on one side only I cut them out with an exacto knife.

Add your junk ---

And Voila!

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