Applique Quilt - AKA "The Beast"

I call this, the beast. It's been a beast to tackle. Mainly because the top is actually a king size sheet. It fits perfectly the guest bedroom mattress as a queen size bedspread (go figure).

So I'll use another sheet as the back and have a very, very inexspensive quilt for my guest bedroom. My lens will only let me zoom out so far (i'm in dire need of a shorter lens) so this is what you get until husband gets here with the Point and Shoot. I'm going to add another small applique to the upper right side because what you are looking at now is the bottom left corner.

Oh! I should mention now, I'm starting a photography business! I went out on a limb and did it! I have a website up, its very much still under construction but please check it out! http://www.evanchandler.com/

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Amanda said...

Thats really cool! I like the color combo :)