What has one been up to?

A whole lot of nothing! I actually applied for a job with the city, got inteviewed, then got turned down... I then had to reformat my computer after it crashed yet again, and now I'm back. I mainly have photos, a website and a partially finished quilt to share because I just haven't made the time in the last couple of weeks to really sit down and craft. I did finish a quilt top and I'm a quarter of the way done with the quilting process, so I'll blog about that in the next couple of days.

I do have my website up and going now though http://www.evanchandler.com/
It's version 2.0. I wasn't terribly happy with the last one but I LOVE this one. Oh and I know the home button doesn't work yet... still working on it and it might change again because I lost all of its data after the reformat.

Onward to the photos! You can see all of them at flickr.

2 crafty folks:

Amanda said...

nice website :) sorry about the job though! I like getting to see your projects!

Amanda said...

ha ha! ok, so you've gotten like 34234 comments, and I just now saw the "your comment will be saved and will be visible after owner approval" oops. goober party of one :)