Pass It Along!

I'm going to pass along a website for some awesome handbags and a legit contest to win one. Im trying for 9am. It's a very small bag and very handsome! handbagplanet is the place to go. No scams, no spams!


Too many ideas!

I've had so many new craft ideas hit me in the last few days I've had to start a notebook to write them all down! I don't want to forget any of them! One idea I had that I wanted to share is going to be a gift for my cousin's two girls. Sock Monkeys! I'm going to get colorful socks to create some very colorful non traditional sock monkeys. Since my family always opens stockings before their gifts I'm going to put a small picture of the sock monkeys "in the wild," in their stockings! I think they are still young enough to be suprised by this... =()


I have been searching high and low lately for crafty blogs and one I ran across recently had something on it called a "pinch purse." Now I know if I show you this picture, we'll all think back to childhood memories of coin purses.

Familiar? Well she listed on her fabulous blog ( http://thesmallobject.com/stenopad/wordpress/ ) The lovely places to buy the frames for such pinch pounches and I have ordered 4 for 10 dollars! I'm very excited to have these come in over the next week or so! The possibilities for what they can be used for are endless!!

I got mine from http://www.pursenicketypatterns.com/purse_frames.htm


Shopping Around

If you've never scoped out the site http://www.ltdcommodities.com/ I really think you should. I've never seen so much stuff that I want but do NOT need in one site before. I really think it's all just china made imported junk but it sure does look pretty... Seriously, who doesn't love primitive figurines and bathroom accessories?? Or even ornate candle holders? Honestly, if you can't find at least one thing for everyone you've ever needed to buy for on that site then the person you need to buy for is truly hopeless...Check it out.

Just for a certain someone who I know that loves pigs :)

Then I found an "All edge brownie pan" --- GENIOUS! Haha, I could spend hours looking at stuff on this site!


Yearbook Yourself

This was just too much fun not to share!

It's a website called Yearbookyourself.com. You upload a photo of yourself and it gives you a senior picture for every 2 years from 1950 to 2000. At least for me, not every picture "fit." As to say my head was somewhat distorted in some of the photos but here are the best!







So excited

I know this may sound really petty to some of you but I'm so excited to have found this website. It's http://www.replacements.com

They make replicas and carry replacements of your silveware and china! I have been searching for my silverware to add more pieces for Thanksgiving time because last year I had to borrow my mother in law's stainless. No biggie but I wanted to have more place settings that match my flatware. This site carries them and at a heck of deal. PLUS, they carry all sorts of other "fancy" forks and spoons that match as well. Like I had no idea there was such thing as an egg spoon. Who eats and egg with a spoon?? And there is a special Jelly spoon too! I'm thinking about getting the matching napkin clips too. 24 of them for 10 dollars AND they match?? YEA!

Ok so obviously I'm easily entertained.

Check out the stuff they make for my pattern!

Phillies Baby Quilt

It's finally coming along. After about a month hiatus in which I really didn't go into my current sewing studio (hehe, i love that word). I have about 1/3 and almost a half of it quilted at the moment.

I can only take quilting (well, sewing really) about an hour at a time until my back starts to hurt. I need something more ergonomic I suppose. I think I must be an intense sewer. Can't you just picture me, all my muscles flexed moving fabric through my machine. Yea, I'm pretty hard core like that, hahah! Anywho, on to the pictures:

I didn't quilt in any sort of pattern. I think that is pretty obvious in these pics. I am pretty sure professional quilters would have a coronary at the site of my "unplanned" quilting. In my last couple of quilting classes that's basically what we learned is to plan ahead where you will move. Me? No! I just move it around in circles and stuff until I'm happy. The front looks great. The back looks like a 2 year old got hold of a pink marker and squiggled. Solid was not the way to go. It needed something busy. Learned something I suppose.


Feeling Artsy Fartsy

So after being cooped up for almost 2 days (technically I was out yesterday night but we still stayed indoors) due to 7.5 + inches of rainfall I decided I needed to shoot something... Well, you know what I mean...

It finally stopped raining around 2pm and hasn't rained a drop since... the streets have cleared a bit and I felt safe enough taking my camera outside. Both of these were taken at 11:30pm.

So in case you didn't know, here in Texas we actually have 2 moons! Ok, so really I'd love to know how my settings were messed up that I got the shot to look like this. I played with the settings for 10 minutes and all the shots came out similar to this one. Pretty fun little shot though.

I was originally going to straighten this photo in photoshop but the more I studied it the more the crooked-ness grew on me. My tripod is missing a rubber foot making it just about a quarter inch shorter than the other legs. Combine that with the slope of the street for "drainage" (ha!) and you have a wobbly photo. I like the colors and how each street lamp puts a different glow on the photo. about a half second before the shutter released the street lamp dead center of the photo went out. I wish I could have captured it!


Patchwork Pillow

Today's feature post brings us a nifty patchwork pillow. I got the idea out of a book titled, "Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts." An amazing book if you love quilting, sewing or just looking at quilt-ish creations.

Really easy pillow to throw together and I love the colors in this, although admittingly it goes with nothing in my house. LOL.

I have a baby quilt that desperately needs finishing because well, the friend has already had the baby! Congratulations to Ms. Phillie and baby Erica!



Notecard Set

I know what you are thinking: "2 entries in one day!?" I know. I scare me sometimes too! But I figured I crafted so why not!?

I present to you a set of 4 notecards that I printed, scored, and folded. The images are all ones that I have taken and used a faux TTV effect (through the viewfinder). I've put this set on both Etsy and eBay. We'll see how they do! ::Crossing Fingers::

I'm trying to get some stuff sold so that I have a good excuse to spend money on this FANTASTIC stained glass kit I want. Yes, I totally want to do stained glass! How fun would that be?? It's like quilting but instead of needles to poke me I now have glass!

Horse Racing

So this is probably the best photo I got from that night I went out to Retama Park. I bet small wagers and broke even most of the night. I was about 5 dollars ahead after the first race! LOL.

So the last race we stayed for I felt really confident in my decision and wagered 10 bucks between 2 horses (yea, I'm a high roller!) because one was the favorite and the other was well, my favorite conformation wise. Let's just say neither horses did crap. I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles. Anywho, only 3 others on the flickr. I'll try to find a couple more of the two hundred something I took. But literally I only had maybe 5 turn out well. Damn dusk shots. Oh well, you shoot, you learn.


the pic

I didn't post yesterday because it was the husband and I's 3rd anniversary! It was very lovely!

As promised a pic of the new studio! I wish this was a before picture, but its a crappy cell phone pic because the point and shoot was out of batteries and it was just too dusty to expose my good camera. This is post hose down. I took so much junk out of this shed I really should post a pic of the trailer I have loaded down to take to the dump on friday (I just realized that was tomorrow). Anywho, I took one full wheelbarrow load out of just dust and dirt. I finally resorted to washing it down with soap and stuff after a cattle blower (like a leaf blower) would blow out all the dust!

The whole thing will eventually get painted white with a turqoise wall. I've very excited!

I'll take batteries tomorrow!!


The "new to me" Studio!

So, in the hustle and bustle of my life, we are getting ready to move.... again. It never ends does it? Tomorrow marks Trey and I's 3rd anniversary and we've lived in 10+ different cities. The great thing is - is that we are only moving 2 blocks over! YAY! My mother and father in law are on an extended business trip (read: 2+ years) and we are going to be taking care of their house come November (read: Moving in). It's a lovely 3 bedroom 2 bath home with humongo shed in the backyard which will house my STUDIO (and 4 dogs)!!

Today it was raining whilst I was cleaned out the rat, junk, dust, grime, and dirt filled shed so I didn't get any pictures but tomorrow I will take some of the before pictures.