Feeling Artsy Fartsy

So after being cooped up for almost 2 days (technically I was out yesterday night but we still stayed indoors) due to 7.5 + inches of rainfall I decided I needed to shoot something... Well, you know what I mean...

It finally stopped raining around 2pm and hasn't rained a drop since... the streets have cleared a bit and I felt safe enough taking my camera outside. Both of these were taken at 11:30pm.

So in case you didn't know, here in Texas we actually have 2 moons! Ok, so really I'd love to know how my settings were messed up that I got the shot to look like this. I played with the settings for 10 minutes and all the shots came out similar to this one. Pretty fun little shot though.

I was originally going to straighten this photo in photoshop but the more I studied it the more the crooked-ness grew on me. My tripod is missing a rubber foot making it just about a quarter inch shorter than the other legs. Combine that with the slope of the street for "drainage" (ha!) and you have a wobbly photo. I like the colors and how each street lamp puts a different glow on the photo. about a half second before the shutter released the street lamp dead center of the photo went out. I wish I could have captured it!

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