Notecard Set

I know what you are thinking: "2 entries in one day!?" I know. I scare me sometimes too! But I figured I crafted so why not!?

I present to you a set of 4 notecards that I printed, scored, and folded. The images are all ones that I have taken and used a faux TTV effect (through the viewfinder). I've put this set on both Etsy and eBay. We'll see how they do! ::Crossing Fingers::

I'm trying to get some stuff sold so that I have a good excuse to spend money on this FANTASTIC stained glass kit I want. Yes, I totally want to do stained glass! How fun would that be?? It's like quilting but instead of needles to poke me I now have glass!

2 crafty folks:

Amanda said...

beautiful pictures! My mom did stained glass when she was younger, and really enjoyed it :) Congratulations on three years!

Amanda said...

so um...I bought those, and I looked for it on ebay with no luck, so I hope its ok that I went through etsy. I also hope its ok that I'm planning on framing them and hoarding them to myself...but I'll tell people who ask, where I got them!