Phillies Baby Quilt

It's finally coming along. After about a month hiatus in which I really didn't go into my current sewing studio (hehe, i love that word). I have about 1/3 and almost a half of it quilted at the moment.

I can only take quilting (well, sewing really) about an hour at a time until my back starts to hurt. I need something more ergonomic I suppose. I think I must be an intense sewer. Can't you just picture me, all my muscles flexed moving fabric through my machine. Yea, I'm pretty hard core like that, hahah! Anywho, on to the pictures:

I didn't quilt in any sort of pattern. I think that is pretty obvious in these pics. I am pretty sure professional quilters would have a coronary at the site of my "unplanned" quilting. In my last couple of quilting classes that's basically what we learned is to plan ahead where you will move. Me? No! I just move it around in circles and stuff until I'm happy. The front looks great. The back looks like a 2 year old got hold of a pink marker and squiggled. Solid was not the way to go. It needed something busy. Learned something I suppose.

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