So excited

I know this may sound really petty to some of you but I'm so excited to have found this website. It's http://www.replacements.com

They make replicas and carry replacements of your silveware and china! I have been searching for my silverware to add more pieces for Thanksgiving time because last year I had to borrow my mother in law's stainless. No biggie but I wanted to have more place settings that match my flatware. This site carries them and at a heck of deal. PLUS, they carry all sorts of other "fancy" forks and spoons that match as well. Like I had no idea there was such thing as an egg spoon. Who eats and egg with a spoon?? And there is a special Jelly spoon too! I'm thinking about getting the matching napkin clips too. 24 of them for 10 dollars AND they match?? YEA!

Ok so obviously I'm easily entertained.

Check out the stuff they make for my pattern!

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