A Face Lift!

My blog has been given a face lift! I was growing quite tired of the denim look and wanted to add my favorite colors to my blog! (honestly, I have too many favorite colors) The banner was made with a digital scrapbooking kit - Lucky Star kit by Gina Cabrera

I will be away for the weekend in Stephenville with the family where I will do much crafting and take many pics to bring back and share with you all.

I was looking to leave you with a picture so this is what I found.


clothespin doll

I'm still experimenting with this idea after seeing tons of them on flickr but here is my first attempt at a clothespin doll! She is indeed armless and I kind of like her that way. The hardest part is obviously the clothing. I didn't realize it would be so hard to figure out how to dress a clothespin girl!


No use crying over spilled paint

I made these guys over the last few days. The snake is a dried gourd!

So long story short, Friday I spilled an entire bottle of black craft paint on my carpet and proceeded to not notice and track it through 2 rooms in my house. It took my MIL and I 2.5 hours to get the stains out. my FIL was nice enough to run to the grocery store and rent me a steam cleaner. The stains are gone aside from the initial spill spot that now looks like a dark spot in the carpet. Lesson learned: always paint on hardwood, tile, linoleum, etc...


Dog nails

A non crafty post - weird I know... I thought I'd take a moment to talk about dog nail clipping. I started when my dogs were wee puppies, though I must say I was lucky because I was around only a week or two after my dogs were born and watched them grow from there. Anyway, since puppyhood when my dogs would sleep I would mess with their ears, nails, and teeth and anything else I could think of that I would need to do medically. I kid you not I tortured these puppies everyday for months when they slept (they could sleep through anything, honestly, this stuff NEVER bothered them.) So I would squeeze their nails, brush their teeth, stick fingers in their ears, etc... Now 2 years later I could literally do anything to my dogs and they just don't give a fart.

Which this back story brings me to my point... I found this product "The quick finder." A nail clipper that has a sensor that senses the quick (blood vessel) in the nail and tells you when it's safe to cut. I found a video of it on you tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLjO6cfIi-s

So, my dogs, who don't give a fart probably would hate this product... why you ask? Because goodness gracious that's a long process to get it to sense the quick. Seriously, I have the most laid back dogs in the world but even they wouldn't hold still long enough for this! They need to rethink this product just a little bit. Good idea in theory though.


Pillow Cases

Post number 50!

I've been scrambling about still making things for the craft show. I've made a patchwork pillow today and plan to make lots more. I've decided just to sell them as "cases" because well, pillow forms are not in the budget right now (those suckers are a bit pricey!) Not really sure how much to sell them for though. This guy took me about 2 hours to complete, mainly because it's the first I've ever done in a zig zag design... I decided to play up the red and black quite a bit because of Texas Tech being so close to Amarillo (where the show will be). I've also got quite a bit of orange fabric because well, I'm a Texas football fan (#1 in BCS! OH YEA!). So we'll see how it goes. I'm going to throw together some orange and brown.. turquiose and brown too. Tell me what you think!

I'm still not the most perfect seamstress yet... I'll get there.


Say Hello to my little friends

I keep taking pictures but this monkey keeps cropping up and asking me to finish her!

I'm quite fond of how the spoon angel came out. Please tell me you guys can see the angel! I've had a couple of people ask me to explain it because they can't see her. I'd love to know that someone beyond me is able to make out the angel. She does actually stand up like you see in the picture. She has another spoon that's been cut off and bent backward and attached that she stands on. I have 4 and each one is totally unique. Once I have them all standing I'll get a picture.


A.D.D. web browsing

I won't lie, I spent hours upon hours on the web when I'm at home. Some people take nice long baths (love those too), some take naps, Some will curl up with a nice cup of cocoa to relax. I however, prefer the gentle hum and warm battery feeling of my laptop. No one understand what on earth I can possibly be looking up for so many hours.

I'll tell you, everything. For example, just today I was looking up recipes to take to my monthly Bunco club on Tuesday. I started at allrecipes.com - my favorite source for delicous recipes. I foun their halloween section which had a picture of some cookies that looked like thumbprint cookies. I decided to make these to share with the ladies... This lead me to an hour long search to find the cookies I was looking for - much harder than first intended... I finally found the recipe which had a link to another persons blog who I have delved into the last hour and a half.

I give to you Bakerella's Red Velvet Cake Balls:

Credit for the picture also goes to Bakerella. Don't these look scrumptious!? I'm making them tonight... as soon as dearest hubby gets home with the eggs... I'm so excited...

Oh and I'll get around to those cookies too.


The Crafts Display

I wanted a fun and unique way to display my crafts at the upcoming craft show. This stand cost me $4 at Dollar Tree. 2 plates and 2 candlestick holders all glued together using E6000 glue. So cute and classy!

I'll display my little wooden dolls and Keychain flatware on this. After the craft show it'll be used to display delicious treats like cupcakes and muffins! Yum!


I've been busy!

So many things are happening at once in my life. I've discovered I LOVE working with stained glass and old silver flatware. My husband is very quickly getting a new job working from our house doing welding. He's already got 2 jobs lined up and he hasn't even left his old job yet. I'm hastily getting ready for an upcoming craft show in Amarillo! Husband's grandmother is hosting it at their retirement center and its looking to be a big show. So I'm trying to scramble and get stuff going to put in the show.

First picture is of my brand new ring! I went for the 1 Corinthians 13 shot but the bible I was working with didn't have the verse on the correct side of the page. Oh well... I bought this ring to replace my "engagement" ring. That's a funny story, Trey and I never really formally got engaged... We just skipped to getting married! I did have a promise ring but it currently doesn't fit. So this ($10) ebay ring is just right! Yes! I said $10! Sterling silver, Pearl and CZ! I'm excited!
I finished my very first stained glass piece. I still need practice soldering but I'm fairly happy with the first...
Some keychains I'm putting in the show. They are made from silver flatware! So easy and so pretty!
My attempt at a fork angel. Link to the inspiration for this gal found at the website I linked to... I've figured out how to perfect her, I just need to find more serving spoons and forks.
And lastly, the promised picture of Phillie's finished quilt! Hooray!


no pictures - just a note

I sent my friend an email asking if she got the quilt. She got it today, here's her reply!

OMG YES!!!!! Brad picked it up at the post office for me.. I LOVE IT EVAN!!! It is gorgeous THANK YOU SO MUCH! Brad and I are going to Anchorage next weekend and his parents are going to buy us a crib for Erica and I think that quilt would be perfect for her to cover up with. =) THANK YOU THANK YOU! I seriously love it and actually got a little teary eyed cause you spent all that time actually making it for her. That is the most thoughtful gift anyone has given to us for her and it means a lot to me. Give me your stupid number so I can call you!! LOL Thank you so much I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

This is why I craft! :)