A.D.D. web browsing

I won't lie, I spent hours upon hours on the web when I'm at home. Some people take nice long baths (love those too), some take naps, Some will curl up with a nice cup of cocoa to relax. I however, prefer the gentle hum and warm battery feeling of my laptop. No one understand what on earth I can possibly be looking up for so many hours.

I'll tell you, everything. For example, just today I was looking up recipes to take to my monthly Bunco club on Tuesday. I started at allrecipes.com - my favorite source for delicous recipes. I foun their halloween section which had a picture of some cookies that looked like thumbprint cookies. I decided to make these to share with the ladies... This lead me to an hour long search to find the cookies I was looking for - much harder than first intended... I finally found the recipe which had a link to another persons blog who I have delved into the last hour and a half.

I give to you Bakerella's Red Velvet Cake Balls:

Credit for the picture also goes to Bakerella. Don't these look scrumptious!? I'm making them tonight... as soon as dearest hubby gets home with the eggs... I'm so excited...

Oh and I'll get around to those cookies too.

2 crafty folks:

Amanda said...

ooh I like allrecipies too! I also love the betty crocker website! (her's has coupons! weee!)

E.C. said...

OMG YES! Her wild blueberry muffin tops are amazing!