Dog nails

A non crafty post - weird I know... I thought I'd take a moment to talk about dog nail clipping. I started when my dogs were wee puppies, though I must say I was lucky because I was around only a week or two after my dogs were born and watched them grow from there. Anyway, since puppyhood when my dogs would sleep I would mess with their ears, nails, and teeth and anything else I could think of that I would need to do medically. I kid you not I tortured these puppies everyday for months when they slept (they could sleep through anything, honestly, this stuff NEVER bothered them.) So I would squeeze their nails, brush their teeth, stick fingers in their ears, etc... Now 2 years later I could literally do anything to my dogs and they just don't give a fart.

Which this back story brings me to my point... I found this product "The quick finder." A nail clipper that has a sensor that senses the quick (blood vessel) in the nail and tells you when it's safe to cut. I found a video of it on you tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLjO6cfIi-s

So, my dogs, who don't give a fart probably would hate this product... why you ask? Because goodness gracious that's a long process to get it to sense the quick. Seriously, I have the most laid back dogs in the world but even they wouldn't hold still long enough for this! They need to rethink this product just a little bit. Good idea in theory though.

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