I've been busy!

So many things are happening at once in my life. I've discovered I LOVE working with stained glass and old silver flatware. My husband is very quickly getting a new job working from our house doing welding. He's already got 2 jobs lined up and he hasn't even left his old job yet. I'm hastily getting ready for an upcoming craft show in Amarillo! Husband's grandmother is hosting it at their retirement center and its looking to be a big show. So I'm trying to scramble and get stuff going to put in the show.

First picture is of my brand new ring! I went for the 1 Corinthians 13 shot but the bible I was working with didn't have the verse on the correct side of the page. Oh well... I bought this ring to replace my "engagement" ring. That's a funny story, Trey and I never really formally got engaged... We just skipped to getting married! I did have a promise ring but it currently doesn't fit. So this ($10) ebay ring is just right! Yes! I said $10! Sterling silver, Pearl and CZ! I'm excited!
I finished my very first stained glass piece. I still need practice soldering but I'm fairly happy with the first...
Some keychains I'm putting in the show. They are made from silver flatware! So easy and so pretty!
My attempt at a fork angel. Link to the inspiration for this gal found at the website I linked to... I've figured out how to perfect her, I just need to find more serving spoons and forks.
And lastly, the promised picture of Phillie's finished quilt! Hooray!

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