no pictures - just a note

I sent my friend an email asking if she got the quilt. She got it today, here's her reply!

OMG YES!!!!! Brad picked it up at the post office for me.. I LOVE IT EVAN!!! It is gorgeous THANK YOU SO MUCH! Brad and I are going to Anchorage next weekend and his parents are going to buy us a crib for Erica and I think that quilt would be perfect for her to cover up with. =) THANK YOU THANK YOU! I seriously love it and actually got a little teary eyed cause you spent all that time actually making it for her. That is the most thoughtful gift anyone has given to us for her and it means a lot to me. Give me your stupid number so I can call you!! LOL Thank you so much I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

This is why I craft! :)

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