Christmas and Photography

Well it's getting to be that time of year. Santa is checking his list and I'd be willing to bet those reindeer are in peak physical condition by now. Husband and I are trying not to feel so bah-humbuggy because somehow we got left behind in JULY and missed the rest of the year. It just doesn't even feel like it should be Christmas time yet. So we decided to put up the tree and now it does feel a bit more like Christmas. Our tree is 9ft tall and was a gift from my mother-in-law last year. She found it at the goodwill. Apparently, Target stores donate their displays. After being stored last year there is apparently a short in a 1ft section of the tree and it blinks rather than stays lit. Oh well, I'll just unwrap that section after this year and buy some new lights for it. The photo caught that section on one of its off blinks, lol! I'm so glad we actually have a ceiling this year that can handle a 9 ft tree plus a 12" star topper. More pictures later in the week, my husband bought me a wide angle lens for Christmas and it'll be here Thursday! Hooray!

Here we have a picture of an elusive creature who is normally very camera shy. Or rather just hates have his picture taken. It's my husband working very hard at his new job and grinding some metal for hand rails. He was hired to make them for a city beautification project. After he gets done with the 6 pairs for this city, our city has hired him to make several more! YAY!

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Photography Luna said...

Love the picture of the worker... although it could've been a little lighter, it does work well!