pas chambre romantique

Translation: My bedroom is not pretty, nor romantic, nor anything I'd like for it to be!! I want it to be warm, inviting, rustic, charming, with a touch of "romance." I'm not even sure what romantic looks like but all those HGTV shows say it!!

So, I've always prided myself on my decorating skills. I love it when people walk into my house and tell me how wonderful it looks. The rest of the house is done, except the bedroom and I'm just creatively dried up for that. I never thought I could say that!

So this is a picture of my bedroom as it is now. I love my headboard and matching bookshelf/nightstand. I also love how luxurius and hotel like my bedspread is, along with 12 matching pillows! (thank you Chris Madden collection) I really wasn't a big fan of gold colors until this came along. Now so long as its a muted gold, I love it! Other than that the paintings can be moved either around the room or completely out of it.
This is the current layout of my bedroom. I couldn't find a tape measure without driving 5 minutes across town to my husbands shop, so the room size is a rough estimate. Basically, give or take a foot. I have an upright piano, armchair and ottoman, and dresser with tv to also consider.

This is how I'm thinking of re-arranging the room. The only problem is with the window. It faces East so the morning light can be vicious. But I also figure that with some good curtains that problem could be solved.
Please, be honest! Lots of input is necessary. I have a gift card to hobby lobby and some Christmas cash burning holes in my wallet! LOL.

2 crafty folks:

Amanda said...

Are you up for painting? I think a blue or burgundy (depending on what you're going for) would look really pretty with your gold bedspread. I think the new layout would work great, especially if you find some cool art to go above the headboard. (or is that a fan on the bedside table? you could do something cool with that too!) I think black out curtains or lined "solar blocking" ones would help in that area. Check out linens and things too, since they're going out of business I got some of the solar (in gold no less) curtains for a pretty good price. I think they were 50% off or something! If that's not an option, you could always make some!

Evan said...

Yea, I went by linens n things just yesterday and ours is already gone. They closed Christmas eve! Bummer! I love, love, love earth tones so I was thinking about a brown blackout curtain. The thing on my bookshelf nightstand is just a half circle metal wall art thing. I'm not sure about painting. i got the go ahead for a light color from my mother in law but I'm not sure if the hubby would be up for that though. Thanks for your input!!