Still Moving

So now that Thanksgiving is over, we have just about 2 weeks left to move from the old house to this new house. I'm a little bit overwhelmed by having to set up temporarily in the garage rather than my pretty little studio. Mainly because the garage is a complete disaster zone. Just need the roof on the studio to be patched, then we can paint in there, build some shelves and I'll be good to move in! If I'm not working tomorrow I'll be working on it until hubby gets home from work.

I can honestly say I haven't crafted a bit since I packed up that room. I have been working like crazy for money for a new lens though. The 15th I'll pick out my brand new (to me) 18-55mm canon lens. I'm stoked! Yay for wide angle shots! Now I won't have to worry about being at very least 4 feet away from my subject!

If you haven't ever listened to the band Muse. I seriously suggest you give them a try. Supermassive Black Hole is my favorite song right now. :)

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