Swirly Twirly Sugar Cookie Forrest

Here is more sugary goodness - this time I made swirled sugar cookies! I took just a package mix of sugar cookie dough, halved it and rolled one half into a ball with some food dye in the middle. Then worked the dye into the dough. After that I used 2 sheets of wax paper to roll out the dough on a cookie sheet to make it a rectangular shape. I did the same with the non dyed dough. Then placed the red dough on top of the white. I rolled them up then used a white sprinkle on the outside for decoration and taste,then refridgerated for a couple hours.

Tip: You can take thread and wrap it around your cookie tube and pull. This should give you near perfect circles without squishing the dough! In the picture the smaller pieces in the back are still just dough, so that you can see what it looks like before and after. Happy Baking!

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Amanda said...

ooh pretty! I like the candy trees too!