Visions of Sugar Plums

Okay, so maybe not "plums" persay - but definitely visions of sugar! I decided to try to make a batch of butter rum hard candy yesterday. I am normally a cinnamon candy person. My family loves cinnamon candy, especially those FireBall candies. But rather than voluntarily burning my skin, eyes, and of course mouth again this year I went for a nice, safe, butter rum. Just like the life savers (my favorite!).

I guess let me back track and explain my prior statement of burning for a moment. Last years hard candy making was a bit of a disaster on my part. I made a double batch, 2 dram hard cinnamon candy. During the process you wait until you are at 260° to add coloring, then add the flavor at 300° while removing the heat. Adding a cold oil based product into a sugar creates a lot of steam. This steam will hit you in the face if you aren't careful. I wasn't careful enough and got a face load of cinnamon steam last year and my eyes burned for a full 10 minutes before I could keep the tears out of my eyes! On top of that I had spilled part of one of the drams on my wrist and it quite literally burned my skin! And this was before it was ever hot! Then rather than grab the parchment paper like I had planned I grabbed the wax paper and wound up with a paper coating on my candy. To top it all of while breaking it up into smaller pieces a shard broke off and cut my hand, thus also burning it with the cinnamon oil.

So, bad experience with cinnamon candy? Yes! A nice, safe, butter rum was in order this year.

I died it green just for fun, because I wasn't really sure how to achieve a rum, amber color. My second batch will be red and I'll mix them together. While it was stiff and cooling I took a Christmas tree, mini cutter and pressed it over and over into the candy. It makes for random pieces of design in each bite!

Hope you've enjoyed this adventure in Candy Land!

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