The bedroom redecoration

My mother in law helped me to redecorate my bedroom! I was given a Hobby Lobby gift card for Christmas and we spent a while picking out some art to go around the bed. I picked the two metal looking scrolls and rotated the room around. Even the husband is amazed at the transformation from plain to cozy! I'm currently refinishing a dresser to match the rustic wood in the room. Eventually we'll go to traditional nightstands but for now we'll continue to have the newlywed look. :) Happy New Year!!

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Amanda said...

That looks nice! If you don't want to paint the whole room (if you want to paint at all) you could do a milk chocolate brown on the bed wall, and then make curtains of the same color for the windows. Maybe you could find some inexpensive molding and make three squares on the bed wall that you don't paint in, to accent the pretty art you got. (like one on either side of the bed and one square over the bed) I don't know if that makes any sense. It does in my head.