Bucket List

I found this and thought that it was a nice way to reflect on the things I've done, and the things I wish to do one day... Of course this doesn't include my tour of Europe, New Zealand and Australia.... Hehe. I'll cross off the ones I've done.
Here is a list of 50 unconventional things to do in your lifetime. You may find a few to add to your bucket list.

1. Search for UFOs and aliens in Roswell, New Mexico.

2. Go on a ghost tour.

3. Race a car or motorcycle on the salt flats of Utah.

4. Walk on a boardwalk at 2 am.

5. Be in a movie, whether as an extra or as the star.

6. Pan for gold in a mountain stream.

7. Watch the sun rise and set in the same day.

8. Go outside and dance in a rainstorm.

9. Become a viral video star.

10. Take the tour of Disney World’s underground tunnel system.

11. Camp at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

12. Have a credit on IMDB.com.

13. Be in a talk show audience.

14. Help someone help their self. I think I can cross this off... I hope anyway.

15. Adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue group.

16. Inner tube down a river.

17. Run a business. Working on it anyway...

18. Visit a food factory.- Mrs. Bairds!!

19. Go camping somewhere that has no contact to the outside world.

20. Help family members achieve their goals and dreams.

21. Watch all the top rated films of all time. watched the top 5 in h.s. lol.

22. Take a spontaneous road trip. I think my first 2 years of marriage qualify here...

23. Write an article for a newspaper or magazine. Had my photography published in the college paper.

24. Fail several times at something.

25. Make an oil painting.

26. Work at a zoo or aquarium. (Technically Jess and I had a very inside look at the Galveston Aquarium. One of my favorite memories is hearing those fish "chirp" and being on top of a shark tank. AWESOME!)

27. Create a website.

28. Work a job you hate.

29. Get to know yourself and those closest to you.

30. Hunt for treasure.

31. Confront at least one of your big fears. Elevators!

32. At least attempt to tackle every dream and goal you’ve ever had.

33. Befriend an enemy.- In high school I did... :)

34. Make friends with very successful people.

35. Take one day to just watch the clouds and take one night just to watch the stars.

36. Travel for a full year. Again... I think I qualify.

37. Raise a Seeing Eye puppy.

38. Read all your favorite books again. I don't have too terribly many favorites but I have read them ALL again! Hehehe.

39. Work less, live more.

40. Vacation on a house boat.-

41. Find what you were meant to do.-

42. Live without email, IM, or your cell phone for a week.-

43. Join a peaceful protest for a cause you support.

44. Be on a TV news program for something positive. I was on the news a few times Freshman year for pep rally.

45. Watch a movie being filmed. Bastrop and Austin we stopped to watch several times.

46. Stomp grapes at a vineyard.

47. Create an invention.

48. Get your name and biography on Wikipedia.

49. Learn how to drive a tractor.-

50. Do all your favorite things from childhood:

1 crafty folks:

Amanda said...

for the last one did you re-do the 'popcorn dance' because that would be awesome! We should go tour Australia and New Zealand together, because I've always wanted to do that too!