Kilns and such

So I was holding out on you folks. I was dreaming and scheming what to do with this nifty little object. My husband suprised me about a week ago by telling me he had placed a bid on an auction site on a kiln at the lubbock school districts auction! A kiln of my very own! Oh the dreams! Oh the possibilities! I don't think ya'll would ever hear from me again!

Alas, I'm here to stay! We were outbid in the final moments of the auction. I am still kilnless. But there are other kilns about in the big world of ceramics. I'm sure that another will find me and find a place in our home where it can warm my craftings. :)

Beyond that I've been kept so busy up at the school lately I haven't had much time to do anything but come home and cook and go to bed. I've got days booked all the way to the first of April (they like me, they really like me!)!! I've got quite a few things I need to finish making though so perhaps I'll start them very soon.

Happy crafting!

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