A Post!

Let's back track a bit and show ya'll what I crafted for the holidays! I couldn't before because if I put the photos on Flickr, they would have leaked to my sister in law!

I had brown background with different turquoise and brown fabrics to applique her name with! A nice turquoise fabric binds the quilt together.

I forgot to get finished pics of my father in laws quilt but it was a tshirt quilt of all the construction companies he's worked for over the last 10+ years. It was pretty amazing to see everyone's reaction to their quilts.
I got playdough in my stocking and made a creepy man face, lol.

Here's Stonewall in full out gallop. I love his ears! I'm hoping to get out in the next few weeks and start shooting a bit more than I have... Baseball season should start soon too and I'm hoping to get some fun shots at the home games.

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