I was indeed hoping to do something very special for my 75th post. So here I guess I do. I get to remember my bestest buddy.
"If I have any beliefs about immortality, it is that certain dogs I have known will go to heaven, and very, very few persons."
-James Thurber

My dear, sweet Rascal passed away today. He was 2 months shy of 15... My mom said he just wasn't acting right and when she took him to the vet, they said his kidneys weren't functioning properly. He'd have meds and a special diet the rest of his life, on top of already being blind, deaf, and falling down after standing too long or hardly being able to make it up and down steps. She decided it was probably best for him to go peacefully than to suffer any longer.

For years I thought this would be one of the hardest days I'd ever have to face - and although I have been very weepy this evening I'm really at peace. I've prepared myself, really, since Christmas for this day to come.
Rascal was my 9th Birthday present. He was my first dog and the best dog we've ever owned. He was the smartest, most talented dog I've ever seen! He could speak loud, "whisper," sit, come, fetch.... He LOVED tennis balls. He was a good friend... He was probably my "once in a lifetime" dog.

I'll miss him very much.

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Amanda said...

I am so sorry Evan! I remember Rascal and Lili (I don't remember how to spell them however...) Loosing a dog is really hard, they're better friends than most people.