Sermon on the "Mount"

I first experienced Sermon on the Mount while attending Tarleton. I was majoring in Equine Science and the Equine office was promoting an event called Sermon on the "Mount." I had no idea what it was about but we were told that he relates horse training in a biblical sense. This sparked my curiousity. I had no idea how this man was going to tell me about God and tell me how to train my horse at the same time.

Well let me tell you folks, I went the first year and was hooked. I can't even describe his messages, they are truly amazing. The following year I looked foward to going! I was training a yearling for a halter/saddle breaking class and knew he was coming. I knew I could further relate to what the message was... Only to be suprised by Mr. Rosie coming to work with us one on one in that class. It has always held a special place in my heart!

So I wanted to share a few videos with you all to show you what in the world I'm talking about :)

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