Vanilla Cake

So Hubby and I made a vow to eat healthier now that he is a volunteer firefighter again. He wants to get back into shape and I could use a better shape, LOL! But, my naughty sweet tooth got to me and haunted me until I would make a vanilla cake with buttercream icing. Sounded so delicious!

That was until I took the first bite. Am I crazy or does anyone else prefer a box cake to scratch cakes? This is the fourth scratch cake in a year I've made and NONE of them have tasted very yummy. Not to mention my buttercream was too, er, whipped I guess is the word.

So, my sweet tooth is gone for now and I didn't even eat a whole piece of cake. This wasn't so bad for our eat healthy thing after all.

3 crafty folks:

Amanda said...

what buttercream recipe did you use? The one I use isn't whipped at all, you could try this one

Evan said...

It was that one exactly. I used my stand mixer and may have overly beat it, but it just seemed too light to be buttercream.

Amanda said...

hmm...if it was humid that day, that could have done it. If theres too much water in the recipe, it can get kind of wonky