Firefighting Crafts

I'm not so sure I've mentioned this on here but Trey and I have joined the local volunteer fire department. I have been put in charge of PR and anything they need "made."

So far I have put together a website, A sign to hang on the building and am designing the patches. I'm having a blast being put in charge of the department creativity!

The Potential patch - Fire departments sometimes use patches like business cards. The patches are placed on jackets, hats, dress uniforms, etc...

The sign- OMG, this sign gave me hell. I used oil based spray paint and then tried to seal it with oil based sealer. The sealer ATE the red paint! I had to redo a section. It was so awful.

3 crafty folks:

Amanda said...

I'm sorry the sign was such a pain, but it looks great! Thats really impressive too that you used spray paint!? I didn't think you could do such detail work! Awesome! :) If I could make a suggestion on the patch, the word 'fire' doesn't read very well over the blue. Maybe if the text was white (and moved over so it doesn't interfere with the star) or maybe you could place the flag in the center cirlce under the emblems?

Evan said...

OMG! no!! The red is spray paint the rest is acrylics.

The patch I've played with for a few days and that's about the best option. The red actually shows better when printed and I also have to think about it being embroidered with the letters actually standing up more prominantely than the rest.

Amanda said...

Oh ok, I didn't think about it being a patch, that changes things