Mom's Birthday

So my mom's birthday was yesterday (Happy Birthday Mom!!). I didn't really know what to get her so after a long though process I decided to make her a spa set. I made some soap, lotion, and a candle all in her favorite scent, Moonlight Path! I just sent them to her so they should be there in a few days. I found all three incredibly easy to make! I love making them! I also placed washclothes that matched the color I dyed the all 3 pieces and put in lots of chocolates. She'll have luxury in a box!

As you can see the soap is actually two tone! This is done by first making a half batch and dying it very dark, pouring it into a mold (a shoebox lined with wax paper in my case) and waiting about a half hour. Then making the other half and dying it slightly lighter.

Sorry the pics aren't very good. I remembered as I pulled up to the post office I hadn't taken any and found my point and shoot in the truck! So these are very rushed photos.


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