TexMex How I Love You!

There is no hiding that I love Tex-Mex. Rice, beans, and beef fajitas. My mouth waters at the very thought. I have been searching high and low for a recipe that resembles Taco Cabana's rice... (that I can make using minute rice - being the only rice that I can actually cook well). Everything has been too... "Spanish-y" I finally decided to type in "Tex Mex Rice" to see what popped up and in my stumbling and scraping around I ran across this blog. Homesick Texan

I kid you not, if you are hungry don't even open that page. I have nearly died of hunger from looking all over her lovely blog and not being able to pull myself away from it. But seriously here is a preview - of rice of course.

On her blog she mentions a book that Monday (payday!) I'm going to definitely purchase:
So for those of you who like me - LOVE your tex mex but either don't know how to cook it or live too far away for it to be genuine... Between these two sources we'll all be well fed.

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Amanda said...

.....wait I need to sop up this drool! Holy Moses and Jehosephats! I want! I want! No...I need! I am going to check into that little book o beauty!