Desser - Fin.


Well, it's all done. The dresser is all done and moved into our bedroom. I'm thrilled!! Although, you will notice I totally forgot one pull knob. I'll pick it up on my next run to town though.

It's so gorgeous!


The Transforming Dresser

It's halfway done. It's spring break so with my time off from the schools I've been busy getting the house un-naturally clean and tidy, while also working on the dresser. I ran out of 240 grit sandpaper though and my local hardware store should have a new shipment in tomorrow. Oh the joys of small town life.

Transforming Dresser

So in this photo you can see the blue the dresser used to be -- where I have left it on the bottoms of the drawers. The places where it's been sanded down and of course how the drawers and top have been stained. I LOVE it!!


Black and White Cupcakes

So, I've been working non-stop on an old dresser the hubby and I were given from my father -in-law. He bought it when he was really young. Then it was painted white, then really bright blue. I've got it all sanded down to just bare oak. This thing is solid too! It's awesome! I'm going to give it a really light coat of stain so it'll stay rustic looking and match the rest of our bedroom furniture. I can't wait to get some pictures of it when it's finished.

So now that you know where I've been and what I've been doing over the past week or so... I'll show you what I concoction I've baked up for tonight's bunco party.

"Black and White" cupcakes. So really they are "Yellow and Brown" but we won't get technical. You just take yellow cake batter (boxed is my preferred cake mix) and chocolate cake mix and spoon it into the cupcake pan side by side with a tablespoon... or whatever size spoon so long as both are the same in size. Then they'll come out halvsies!! Since this photo I have taken a knife and cut about a half in down in the very middle and filled with Betty Crocker's whipped icing so that they are like hostess cupcakes! Yeilded 24 Texas size cupcakes.

So Fun! I love bunco nights. It let's me unleash my creative baking. It's really hard to bake 24 Texas sized cupcakes for just the hubby and I.


I've been busy

I've been a bit busy. Firefighting has pretty much completely consumed my free time.
But you guys deserve a picture. Dear Husband took this picture.