Cooking Time!

I have been inspired! I finally bought The Tex-Mex Cookbook by Robb Walsh!

Let me tell you it's amazing! All the recipes sound simply delicious! I'm making Chile Rellenos first tomorrow night. I'm crossing my fingers they are as amazing as they sound.

I also bought Robin Millers Quick Fix Meals - She is a host on Food Network that will make one thing during the weekend and her family can vary from that one thing the rest of the week. I'm hoping that with all this working I've been doing I can cook big on Saturday and not have to do much during the week when I'm dead tired and pooped.

I'm also going to try my hand at a recipe I found online for Outback Steakhouse's Honey Wheat bread. It contains instant coffee and cocoa powder so I'm not holding my breath but we'll see....

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