Zaza Gallery - Photo on Canvas

So I joined Twitter. You know, the social networking place where you "tweet" what you are doing to no one and everyone at the same time (that's from a hilarious parody video, btw). Haha, anyways it was there that I ran into ZAZA gallery. I found out that Hughe puts your photos onto canvas! His prices are really the best I've researched out ($25 for an 8X10!). Today was the day I recieved mine and I couldn't rip that box open fast enough. I literally gasped when I saw my canvas. I think the colors are 10X more vibrant than in my original photo!

The Canvas:

I'm so impressed! I wish everyone could see it in person, my pictures are really not doing it any justice. I'll definitely, definitely, be ordering other photos for gifts and such. These are just too great to pass up! I can see a wall full of flowers on canvas now... Thanks Zaza Gallery!

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Amanda said...

so cool! those would make really great gifts, especially since you take so many awesome pictures :)