Passed Out

This was going to be my big reveal weekend. I was going to uber clean the house and totally get my craft room set up out in the garage. Well life grabbed hold of me and had different plans. I had a root canal on friday and have been in a good amount of pain since. I'm going back on Monday to see if an infection has set in. The entire right side of my face has been hot and swollen for 2 days and I didn't have that the last time I had a root canal.

Onward to happier things. I went outside to move and water my plants and this is what I found. I normally only have to have a finger on the lock of the back door for my pups to spring up from their naps. Today I walked outside and they were all 3 still passed out. I walked up on Stonewall intending to spook him but instead had to quitely muffle my laughter and take a picture with my phone. He had his nose stuck inside this pot and was just snoozing away. I guess it had smelled really good. I just can't imagine him actually putting it in their intentionally to sleep. I love my bassets, they are such characters.

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