Photography and Updates

I've been traveling again. I flew back Sunday to Lubbock to explain to my boss about needing more time off. Thankfully he was more than understanding and encouraged me to come back and help my family. My mom's knee surgery went fine, but with one small complication: They cut her tendon. She has to keep it as immobile as possible for 6 weeks making EVERYTHING more difficult. It was very stressful for all of us to have me leave after only a week of her being home.
So I drove to Lawton, OK Monday afternoon to take my darling husband more clothes. He was called to a windmill farm to weld on some trenchers and only took 2 days worth of clothes, a week later he was still there with no end in sight! He now currently knows he should be home by Monday.
But I wanted to spend a day with him considering I hadn't seen him in 10 days. So Tuesday we spent the whole day together and I went to work with him Monday and Tuesday night.

I don't really like night photography. Pictures never turn out well for me at night. But this set really boosted my confidence in my night photography skills. I just have to remember more light! :)

Post number 100 ya'll!



You may notice some construction on the blog over the next few days. I'm working on integrating this blog onto my actual website so that you can just hop over to evanchandler.com to read it. So if things look a bit funky when it loads, that's probably the reason why... if it stays funky for several hours or days, by all means, let me know!

Since sliced bread.

While bored in a hospital (my mom had her knee replaced) what is one to do? Play with her iPhone, of course!

I found an app from OnOne Software that allows you to wirelessly control your camera from your iphone like a remote. AWESOME and totally worth the $20 bucks. Picture above taken from my camera using my iphone. If you're camera supports liveview (mine doesn't) then you can also live view from your phone too! Totally awesome!
Alright I'm taking a nap then it's back up to the hospital.