My Poopers.

I have 3 dogs that I've talked about before around here... 3 very lively basset hounds. My hounds are not the cliche bassets with the big droopy sad eyes, who are lazy scratch that my dogs can be very lazy, but they are generally very active.

They have big long velvet soft ears.

And They act like complete goobers!

I recommend everyone have at least 2. :)


All Hallows' Eve

Halloween is admittedly my least favorite holiday. I know, I know who doesn't like to dress up and play vampire and goblin? Me. I'm a party pooper. I have a few decorations out that I've stolen from my mom from my childhood. A set of bears dressed in their halloween costumes.

Well, the employer told us we could all wear a halloween shirt on friday instead of our normal "high school spirit" shirt. So I'm making a Edgar Allan Poe "Nevermore" shirt! A screenshot of what's in my head. I really wanted the whole poem to "fill" the raven but I just don't have the patience for picking around all those letters!

Until it's making though I'll leave you with the oh so creeptacular firefighting skull the hubby and I created today. :)

Speaking of firefighters, I also made a shirt using our lovely, lovely vinyl cutter (I LOVE THIS THING).


shooting and shooting

went out to dove hunt, just wound up shooting the guns for fun and shooting lots of wildlife pictures.
Now I'm fairly convinced that all weekends need to be 3 days, I'm so exhausted!


You there! Cake or Death?

I choose cake! Coffee cake! I've been eyeballing this recipe on the King Arthur Flour website for a few weeks now, but seeing as how I've started a new "No Sugar" diet I really didn't want the temptation. I finally broke down Friday afternoon when I found out we'd be waking at 4:30am on Saturday (O.o) to go hunting. I wanted something quick for breakfast to go with the 13 or 14 cups of coffee I was going to need.
Let me tell you, this is by far, hands down the BEST from scratch recipe I've ever tasted. The cake was dense and it was just a perfect amount of filling.
I want to add that in that recipe it notes that if you want the cake to focus on the cake itself to use 1/3 cup brown sugar for the filling instead of one cup. I took the middle road and used a half cup and it was just right for me.
I think next time I'll use splenda and splenda brown sugar to see what I can get.



I had a chance to help a friend of the hubby and I's out by taking some portraits of his kids before the moved out of state. Here are a few of them:

Trey with Abby:

Nicole playing

Daddy with Keegan - he bumped his head.