All Hallows' Eve

Halloween is admittedly my least favorite holiday. I know, I know who doesn't like to dress up and play vampire and goblin? Me. I'm a party pooper. I have a few decorations out that I've stolen from my mom from my childhood. A set of bears dressed in their halloween costumes.

Well, the employer told us we could all wear a halloween shirt on friday instead of our normal "high school spirit" shirt. So I'm making a Edgar Allan Poe "Nevermore" shirt! A screenshot of what's in my head. I really wanted the whole poem to "fill" the raven but I just don't have the patience for picking around all those letters!

Until it's making though I'll leave you with the oh so creeptacular firefighting skull the hubby and I created today. :)

Speaking of firefighters, I also made a shirt using our lovely, lovely vinyl cutter (I LOVE THIS THING).

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