You there! Cake or Death?

I choose cake! Coffee cake! I've been eyeballing this recipe on the King Arthur Flour website for a few weeks now, but seeing as how I've started a new "No Sugar" diet I really didn't want the temptation. I finally broke down Friday afternoon when I found out we'd be waking at 4:30am on Saturday (O.o) to go hunting. I wanted something quick for breakfast to go with the 13 or 14 cups of coffee I was going to need.
Let me tell you, this is by far, hands down the BEST from scratch recipe I've ever tasted. The cake was dense and it was just a perfect amount of filling.
I want to add that in that recipe it notes that if you want the cake to focus on the cake itself to use 1/3 cup brown sugar for the filling instead of one cup. I took the middle road and used a half cup and it was just right for me.
I think next time I'll use splenda and splenda brown sugar to see what I can get.

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Amanda said...

I think you'll still get a cake... ;)