Jackrabbit Jewelry

Ahhhh, the smell of sweet, sweet, success! I made this charm out of precious metal clay. I was able to roll out the clay, cut the local high school mascot out of the clay, allow it to dry for 24 hours, then fire on the gas stovestop. This is what turned out. It's nearly perfect. If only it were a few millimeters thicker it'd be a bit stronger. Live and learn though. There are several more on my flickr. that I've created. Some originally had CZ stones in them but unfortunately never made it without falling out. :( I'll figure it out eventually. I also learned that during the cooling process (dumping the freshly fired charm into water) you can't cool gemstone pieces with water. It cracks them like glass (duh, evan). Had I actually thought that through I probably could have saved one of the CZs. Anywho, I'm hoping to sell these... Its about the size of 3/4 of a quarter. It's also .999 (or 99.9%) pure silver. Sterling is only .995 (99.5%). My husband thinks because of that .004 silver thing that it makes it look a little more costume jewelery-ish. I tend to agree, it doesn't look anything like sterling. Not nearly as mirror shiney... Though I'm thinking I could fix that.

Here I show the charm after firing. First quenching it in cold water.


Then before brushing with a brass brush.

And After brushing with a brass brush.

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