My newish Design Studio.

Don't you just love the words Design Studio? Makes me sound fancy and professional don't you think? Its way better than, "My Teal Garage." Which is what the outsider looking in might think... But to me, this is purely a design studio.

If you want you can look on the lefthand side over there and gander at the flickr. I've added notes when you mouse over the photo to explain some things. I'll try my best here.

There is red fabric to the left hand side of the photo - that's a wingback chair I'm starting to take apart to eventually reupholster. Now if I could just find some nice faux leather for around a buck a yard (Go ahead and tell me to "Get Real" now..).

The window is going to eventually house some needlepoint and cross stitch samplers.

The brown table in the middle is going to go in the house this weekend. The husband needs it in his office.

The desk in the back - well pardon the disorganization on it, I'm still putting away stuff.

The other small brown desk is an old sewing table I'm giving a modern look to and putting in my guest room. The drawer organizer above it eventually will either be bright orange or hot pink.

My cabinet door wasn't quite dry enough to handle at the time of this photo so alas, you have one door missing. I'll clean out that cabinet tomorrow though. There aren't any drawer pulls on the drawers because the screws they came with aren't long enough (annoyance!).

So yea, this is about 4 months off and on nearly complete! :)

1 crafty folks:

Amanda said...

If there is a car in there, then it's a garage, if there is cool wall art and projects in the making it's a super cool design studio! I'm jealous :)