The Weather and Photos and Stuff…

MOM 003So this kid right here, is super stoked that that stuff in the photo is not falling from the sky anymore.  As a matter of fact. It’s the second Texas Tech baseball game of the season! It is going to be 70 degrees and darn near perfect outside!

There might even be a Women’s Rugby Game on the horizon! Didn’t know that Women’s rugby existed? Me neither. Til today when I saw it on Facebook. Go figure, I mean it sounds intense… and I’m about an intense game. Let’s do it!

Then we’ll be over with our weekend. And back to work…

And back to snow. Cold weather. Blah. MOM 019

And ice, who needs ice? MOM 014

Not me. Not this kid. Bring on Spring. Bring on Fresh Vegetable gardens and Fried Okra. Yes ma’am.



Mom’s 60th Birthday!

My mom turned 60 on Friday. So we had to throw her a big celebration.

Lots of people came! The paparazzi and everything. So mom and Aunt Dana danced a jig for us  walked their red carpet walk.


It was mom’s bluebonnet birthday. Somehow all of us seemed to collaborate on a bluebonnet theme without knowing it.



This cake was awesome, and totally delicious!


One of  my best friends from the age of 4 and her husband came over to help celebrate. This is me trying really hard to keep my eyes open. I get crazy eyes in photos. It’s genetic. Totally incurable though.

trey I’ve decided I need kids. I need kids like yesterday. My husband will be a great dad one day… not now… but one day. :)


Happy 60th Mom! I love you!



My husband is back from the Great White North!

Will I be next to go!?!?!??


Maybe. Yes, maybe.

First, I must acquire a legal way to enter the country. I do not own a passport. :)