Mom’s 60th Birthday!

My mom turned 60 on Friday. So we had to throw her a big celebration.

Lots of people came! The paparazzi and everything. So mom and Aunt Dana danced a jig for us  walked their red carpet walk.


It was mom’s bluebonnet birthday. Somehow all of us seemed to collaborate on a bluebonnet theme without knowing it.



This cake was awesome, and totally delicious!


One of  my best friends from the age of 4 and her husband came over to help celebrate. This is me trying really hard to keep my eyes open. I get crazy eyes in photos. It’s genetic. Totally incurable though.

trey I’ve decided I need kids. I need kids like yesterday. My husband will be a great dad one day… not now… but one day. :)


Happy 60th Mom! I love you!

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