Herbology 101

Forgive my awful Harry Potter nerdom. I have been germinating seeds for my vegetable garden! I’m so very excited about this years crop! I have all sorts of yummy things growing.

How does one germinate a seed? I learned this back in 1st grade. Thanks Mrs. Amy, wherever you are… We took limabeans, put them in a warm, wet, paper towel and then placed them in a plastic bag…  Placing this in the window… germinates the seeds. 

plants 002

Ok, kids are you ready? We are going grown-up style on this germination… Take 1/2  a cup of planting soil and pour it into a plastic sandwich bag. It must be plastic. Then take your seeds and dump them in…. Next, pour 1/8 cup (coffee scoop) of WARM water into the bag. Before sealing the bag completely, blow into it to make it poofy… Remember plants breathe in, what you breathe out… This makes a mini greenhouse…. Now place in a sunny location and your seeds will begin germinating! Yay! plants 003I have my spearmint plant, Strawberries in the blue jar, then a small actual greenhouse… The rest are peppers, carrots, squash, herbs, and bluebonnets… I have a few other types of flowers as well. I can’t wait to show ya’ll my garden in a few weeks. :)

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