I’m Baaaack.

So after 6 very long months of not having internet at our house. It’s back on! I’m so very excited to show ya’ll over the next few posts what I’ve been up to! I’ve taken on metal smithing – mainly trying to get into silversmithing and I LOVE it! It’s really fun!


macIn the last couple of months I ordered a reversing ring for my camera, cheap, off of Amazon ($12). This allows me to turn my lens backwards on my camera to take macro photographs. 

macro-002-2Don’t you just love it!? Granted, I find that I really have to use a tripod and moving objects such as the early arrival of the June bugs don’t make for good subjects. But who doesn’t love a good flower macro?

macro-008I know I do.

Oh and just because I want to share a random tip of the day - (A request from my mother to put this in my blog) – When opening tin cans, if the lid falls down in the can where you can’t reach it, instead of shoving a knife down in there or risk cutting your fingers, grab a refrigerator magnet of the fridge… stick to the middle of the can top and voila, that pesky tin can top comes right out. :)

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