Sciatica ≤ “Creativica”

I am very heavily sedated. I am on 3 wonderful medications including a prescription Tylenol, hydrocodone, and prednisone. I have been diagnosed with a sever case of sciatica… in layman’s terms that means my vertebrae is pinching my sciatic nerve which then causes severe shooting pains from the small of my back to the heel of my foot. It’s pretty awful.

But I have found a new friend in hydracodone. When I’m not completely unconscious, I find myself incredibly chatty about the most random of subjects or playing on Photoshop. I mostly Photoshop due to the fact that my husband is at work and I’m laid up in bed.

So here are my narcotic creations:

I was hoping this one would look like 3 pieces of canvas layered. Not sure I got my desired effect, but close enough.3inone 







And Lastly, my favorite:watercolor

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